How to choose perfect corporate souvenir: explaining how to give gifts for the benefit of your own business.

You should think of corporate souvenirs in advance, as this is not just a tribute to etiquette, but a useful business tool with which you can solve several essential business tasks: improving customer service, strengthening relationships with partners, broadcasting the mission and brand values, drawing attention to your products.

Here we go with some tricks on how to turn corporate souvenirs into a profitable investment.

The gift must have value.

We are not talking about the price here. A perfect gift does not have to be expensive. Most importantly, it should be valuable to the person you are going to give it to.

If you have many partners and clients, and you do not know them personally, there is one proven way to create value. A gift with all its appearance should say that you took your time with its production. What is taking time? This means that you did not just stick the logo on a USB or umbrella, but developed an exclusive design for these items, which, is related to your activity. This cannot be imitated! Therefore, if you want to use corporate gifts as a useful business tool, you should think about their production in advance.

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The gift should be useful.

The main thing about a perfect gift is the balance of content and packaging. For example, in online stores specializing in corporate souvenirs, you can find a vast number of funny, coolly packaged, but completely useless things.

Try something that you use daily: mugs, coasters for stationery, charging. But include a bit of creativity, and make 10 mugs with a logo turning into a thematic set for tea drinking. For example, make each cup in a unique design based on your corporate identity or draw industry memes on them, and a good present is ready.

The gift should be easy to store and transport.

Large bags and boxes cause more problems than joys. Nobody wants to deal with souvenirs that take up too much space, and nobody wants to worry about how to bring a gift home. Always choose something small and convenient for transportation, since it is unlikely to impress with the size, exactly like the high cost.

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The gift must be with high quality.

Avoid fragile items: they may not survive transportation. If you donate a certificate, make sure that it is activated and used for at least several months. As well as it is better to avoid eatable souvenirs. Do not give anything perishable, melting, fading, and requiring special storage conditions.

The gift should be related to your business or client's business

Corporate souvenirs are a great way to convey the values ​​and benefits of your company. Imagine a gift is a unit of communication. By the way, as soon as you decide on the message, it will become much easier to come up with a concept.

Choose what you want to tell about your business: it can be one or several messages. Let's say you want to emphasize the premium quality of your services and leadership in the industry. Do you think a flash drive and cupcakes with logos are combined with the idea of ​​premium? Unlikely. Much better, this idea will be conveyed by designer glasses or interior details made in the corporate style of your company.

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