Are you draining Marketing Budget?

First of all, I have to say, and you won't stop doing that, no matter how strong you want to. I'm sure you are not that happy to read that, but I'll explain why. It is so because in marketing you have to experiment. If you stop the experiments, you will not find new ways to interact with the target audience.
Let's see how to optimize your marketing budget.

Strategy always first.

The strategy sets the goals, objectives, and the direction of there your company goes. If you don't have a strategy, then you simply do not know what to do. And for sure will waste money on marketing for nothing.


You'll never promote a company by doing chaotic marketing actions, doing it, then trying something new, then stopping. Marketing is a structured set of steps, which you must follow.

Giving up after the first placement.

What's most often, mistakes? You do like this: let's try - oh, something didn't work - we spent $ 100 - this channel does not work - this is not true. Only after several marketing activities with the different target audience you can at least assume something, make an analysis and conclusions.

Cutting off the annual budget.

You can do an excellent job in the first half of the year, and then, as a marketer, your budget will simply be taken away. If after the first half of the year you suddenly decided to stop your marketing activities, consider that you drained the entire budget over the past six months. As I said before Marketing is a constant, planned action.

Lack of a single visual strategy for all marketing activities.

Design means a lot. Regret money for design - wait for the corresponding result. If your materials look bad, you can forget about returning customer. It doesn't matter how impressive your proposal is. It is essential to be exciting and creative. And to stand out from hundreds of offers, you need to find the right design solution for your proposal.ePut all marketing activities on one employee.
Understand, he can not do everything - from strategy to SEO, design - qualitatively, and then also set up connections with a trade group. The marketer in the company must control contractors in all areas, performing narrow types of work.

Poor Analytics.


Usually, you know a bit, but do not monitor your competitors systematically. Starting to launch advertising, and a competitor has tried it for a long time - it just wasn’t studied well enough. If competitors are not analyzed, then your marketing is a waste of money.
Sometimes you need to know more about competitors than about your company. If your marketer did not analyze a competitor, it means that he will perform blind, and therefore, drain the budget.

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