Cognitive biases on landing page and ways to deal with them.

The landing page is an important part of an effective marketing campaign using targeting or contextual advertising. But even coolest landing pages do not give 100% or even 50% conversion. We have to understand that most problems are related to cognitive bias. Isn't that true that each of us has its own opinion, experience, and social factors?

And we have to assume that, there is no specification exist with the ways how to overcome the cognitive bias of users since it is challenging to predict what the next client can go for. 

Landings do not always provide the opportunity to get a good conversion. And the reason for this is the unpredictability of human behavior. Dealing with this problem is not only an opportunity but also a necessity since it depends on the expansion of the audience and increases sales.


We will not list all possible errors occurring while working with landing pages, but it's worth analyzing the main ones. 

Fixation effect

Each producer is facing a situation where the buyer was fixed on only one feature of the product, not taking into account the others. We call it the “fixation effect”. It is not difficult to identify such buyers, these people:

  • see only the price, not the benefits of the product;
  • more often and stronger than other visitors find fault with the company, store, brand;
  • more often use promotions, discounts, and other goodies;
  • participate in bonus programs.

Although this effect causes a lot of trouble to marketers and sellers, it can be used as an advantage. If your customers and visitors are more often concerned about the pricing policy of the company, it is best to concentrate on this issue when developing a landing page immediately.

What you need to pay attention to:

Prices should be as transparent as possible. Allow the customer to see the value of the product they like right away.

Eliminate pitfalls. The price must be the final. It is better to include all the fees, commissions, shipping costs into the price of the goods immediately. Otherwise, you are taking a risk to upset the potential buyer and losing him.


The status quo is essential.

The instinct of self-preservation plays an essential role in the selection of goods. Years and years, people remain sticking to the same products or brands. Why? Because it is stable and reliable, even if the product has not justified the money spent on its purchase for a long time.

As a rule, people who are afraid of violating the status quo are elementary to identify. Such buyers hang around shop windows for a long time, examine products, but leave with nothing. These customers are often loyal to very cheap or low-quality products. To be honest, this is the customers that are the headache of many sellers, but you can work with them.

In this situation, it is essential to emphasize that your new product will help to solve specific problems of the buyer. At the same time, it is better to focus on the benefits of the product not only in the description for it but also on the landing page. Also, it is worth considering providing complete and useful information about the product, which will save a visitor from the need to surf the Internet in search of the necessary data.

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