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Hello, my dear friends! It’s been a while since I was here with you!

I wanted to talk about our pain today! I’ve been endlessly tormented by one question: if the Social Media are as good as studies and cases shows, why are there so many failures, lowered budgets, and frustration?

Please let's leave all standard answers like "poor quality content", "not enough UTP," "need more video content" and try to understand real strategic business promotion mistakes? We tried to analyze experiences of promoting and I tried to think about the fundamental mistakes of projects where things went worse than planned.

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Misunderstanding of the SMM role in business promotion.

When you first start practicing SMM, you think that you are excellent and mastering in Social Media, shouting and shouting at every step, that the social network is the biggest miracle from all miracles. Many projects show you that by the hundred reasons you are not able to achieve those indicators that were necessary. The most global and significant problem is usually at the root misperception of the role of Social Media in promoting a business that prevents to grow and do the results. It seems that SMM itself is self-sufficient, and the right strategy and competent advertising setting will achieve success. However, real life can be different.

SMM has its features, pros, and cons, but it's just a marketing channel, a tool that can't replace a product, service, and business. If a business does not have a quality and competitive product, then it has no matter how many different channels you use. In this case, a Social Media will do a little to help, or rather even decrease success, creating the load on your channels, and you most likely won't be ready for processing and analyze those traffic. Honestly, the first thing you have to do is to formulate general marketing strategy, conduct market research and decide on promotion tasks.


Wrong way of using Social Media as a promotion channel.

We are clear now that Social Media is an internet marketing channel and nothing more, let's briefly understand the features and how to use it correctly, to get the result.

First of all, Social Media has to work with cold traffic from social networks.

Let's look deeper into that. In SEO you are promoted by user requests and work on the formed demand with "hot" or "warm" traffic, then in Social Media, you build hypotheses about potential interest from client. The main disadvantage of SMM and work with "cold" traffic - long cycle deal. Your funnel in the SMM is at least one notch longer than in context: before you offer your product, you have to form a demand. So here is the main question! If an SMM "burns money" to create demand, then why the hell is it a necessary business? Forming a need for your target audience, allows you to expand dozens of times the volume of the audience.

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Bad Strategy

To give a high-quality result, you need 3-6 months of active work. Six months of quality promotion in Social Media involves a solid marketing budget, even for a small business. As an example, by launching the promotion of your business in Social Media, you are not investing 1000 Euro for a month of work, you spend 6000 Euro at 1000 monthly for half a year introducing SMM strategy. Moreover, it is essential to understand this. If during that half a year you change the vector of strategy or promotion - everything will fall apart, and you will have to start over.

Understand, the most important thing you should do before proceeding to promotion - develop a competent promotion strategy. This is probably the most challenging part.


No traffic funnel

A lot of attention in strategies is given to creative concepts, issues with content creation and interaction with the audience, but almost always, there is not enough attention and even fewer specifics in work with traffic. Most often, we talk about traffic in general terms and in the form of a regular table, where we can see several broad segments with advertising creations and projected coverage. Essentially, the advertising strategy is limited by the media plan. Working with traffic requires a much deeper understanding, splitting into stages and tracking each of the stages. We define "Traffic funnel" as splitting into stages as part of setting up advertising with identifying paths of traffic depending on the stage of interest of the target audience. Such funnel is the basis of advertising in social networks, the base of the strategy; without it, the strategy is ineffective and uncontrollable.



So there are still almost a hundred reasons, problems, and tasks associated with Social Media advertising. However, they all fade before the above, because the main things to start within social media are:

  • to understand that the SMM is just a tool. It would be better if you have a product and marketing strategy;
  • start with the channels of processing the generated demand, for example, contextual advertising, only then go to Social Media;
  • pay great attention to the promotion strategy in social networks and understand that SMM is expensive and time-consuming, control the implementation process and understand what is the dynamics of the project;
  • don’t be afraid of making changes in the strategy, but be careful while you’re acting under emotions and not numbers;
  • take care of numbers;
  • engage in work with a loyal audience tightly and continuously;
  • process applications in the way you aren’t used to.

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