Promotion of business in social networks: where to start?

SMM is a young but recognized tool for promoting business online. But is it universal? Can it be used within a marketing campaign of a financial, law company or industries? Today CEO of Eridamis Tatiana Kogogina will explain which promotions should you use for your business, in which social networks you should look for potential clients.

"Your posts in social networks should crash into the brain and come to subscribers in dreams."

In ERIDAMIS we consider promotion and advertising in social networks as the creation of a powerful channel of communication between business and the target audience. It is a real connection, because of it you can create a positive brand image, convey the value of a product or service, increase awareness and trust of potential buyers.

I want to draw attention to the following stages of creating an effective SMM strategy:

Task Definition

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The presence of the company in social networks today is a necessity. It makes life much easier for you and your users and helps your business grow. You can form an image of the company; it is the right communication channel and a good way of receiving feedback.

Less obvious, but no less important tasks of Social Media: user training, a description of company's activities, increasing loyalty, promoting your values and finding new customers. Also, social media helps to build a community around your brand.

Ask yourself a question:

  • What do you want to achieve with SMM?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What information does a consumer need to plan to buy your product?
  • Which social networks are popular among representatives of your target audience?
  • At what time do representatives of your target audience actively use social networks?

Form a Community


It is essential to create around you a community of your followers who could project your values and principles in the moments of the attack on you with disgruntled users or ordinary trolls. Of course, these should not bots, but sincerely convinced and loyal customers.

To form a community around your brand, the company must be open enough to communicate with its users and bring value to them actively.

Choose Tools


Working with social media is not an exact science; therefore it is difficult to find universal ready-made solutions. You cannot understand in advance what will work in your case and what will not. You can answer this question only by testing all methods in practice.

Before creating a community around your brand, there is the task of choosing and organizing a platform. For different areas and different regions, the leading platforms may vary. You can choose from Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Platforms may differ slightly from business to business; most often this is determined practically.

Social networks and microblogging.

It is crucial to publish interesting regularly and high-quality content on all these social networks, maintain a dialogue with users and provoke discussion. The audience of social networks is different from each other. However, you need to understand that the audience of your business in all networks will have approximately the same character and behavior. Of course, the social networks themselves differ in the content format and have to be adapted a little.

It is essential always to accompany textual information with a high-quality thematic image. This approach will not only attract more attention to social networks with traditional tapes and microblogs but also help to adapt the content to Instagram more quickly.


Thematic sites and blogs

This category includes everything: from platforms like YouTube to information aggregators, industry news, to bloggers and opinion leaders. It is a rather expensive part for resources and budget. At first glance, a young company may find this item unnecessary, as it requires monetary investments, but in practice, ignoring this trend may become their mistake.

It is a great way to get a very loyal audience - opinion leaders, bloggers and experts in your industry share the loyalty of their audience with you. One of the most powerful tool in this regard is YouTube - the video format implies more involvement and activity of the audience.

Professional communities


They can be attributed both to social networks, such as LinkedIn and to individual formats of professional forums. The main task of such communities is to maintain a business reputation.

If you provide a constant and uninterrupted presence in social media, you can read the tweets and posts of your users to study their accounts to get an idea of their daily life. You will learn what products and services they buy, what their interests are, what they like to share from what sources and where they spend their free time. It not only helps you to build more accurate communications and prepare targeted content, but is also important for your advertising.

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