How to turn an ordinary idea into - innovation?

Innovative development is essential for companies and organizations of any scale and specific. Global trends, such as the emergence of breakthrough technologies, digitalization, and acceleration of the product life cycle, lead to radical changes in most industries. Innovation is not born through insight. On the way to creating an innovative solution lies technical, technological and cultural contradictions that need to be resolved to solve the problem in a new way. And many of these contradictions are unknown at the beginning, they only appear in the course of working on an issue.

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To come up with something new, you can replace items, places, procedures, people, ideas, and even emotions. The manager of one of the Starbucks stores experimented by mixing different drinks, replacing one with another, until she came up with an exciting combination. The drink was called frappuccino, and today it is a joint venture with Pepsi-Cola, which costs $ 500 million.

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To think creatively means to combine previously separate ideas or objects. The Japanese stocking company adds millions of vitamin C microcapsules and mineral-rich seaweed extract to each pair of tights. Capsules supposedly burst when worn, and nutrients are absorbed into the skin.

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An original thought often comes after we get to know the ideas of others. In 1956, two brothers, Jacuzzi, selling water pumps for agricultural use, created a whirlpool bath to treat arthritis at their cousin. Until 1968, they almost didn’t deal with the new product, and then Roy Jacuzzi put the idea in a different context — the expensive bath market — and our homes were transformed forever.

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Anything can be modified: the whole object or its parts. Circus as business declined, but in 1984, Cirque de Soleil opened its doors. It was becoming more and more challenging to persuade adults to buy a ticket to the circus every year. But by modernizing the form and shifting the emphasis on performance skills, Cirque de Soleil changed the meaning of the concept of “circus” and in the process created a multi-billion dollar business.

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You can come up with a new idea, only by adding something to the subject. Manufacturers of standard and expensive toilet paper realized that if you add to it the smell and exciting design, it will increase its value. Also, they print on paper drawings, thereby decorating the bathrooms of consumers.

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If you change the context, then the meaning will change. Garbage is compressed, and blocks are made for construction or treated with polylactic acid. Get new garbage bags. Slag is used as a conditioner for the soil. And petrochemical waste is the basis of chewing gum.

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Sometimes, to get a new one, you need to drop the extra. The new PID lamp has neither metal, nor plastic, nor wooden stand. It is held on a Mylar balloon filled with helium. If you want to hang it lower or higher, wind up more cable or twist it.

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Reorganize the known - see the new. Tamon Iwasa decided to take a fresh look at the traditional reflector on the highway and realized that it was possible to rearrange the small glass balls that served as mirrors so that they reflected the light of oncoming headlights from any direction and in any direction. The government installed hundreds of thousands of Iwasa reflectors, and the number of accidents has dropped dramatically.

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Sometimes a reversal of the point of view helps to see what you usually miss. For example, Lego developed a set for digital design: you create a project in a network, and then it produces parts (plus a few additional ones) and sends them to you. You start with a drawing, and then create an object from "bricks."

To create innovative solutions, it is not enough to discuss ideas and use strategic planning, draw up an action plan for the year, and lay a quarterly budgeting program. Innovation is born in the culture of an experiment. Ideas should be turned into hypotheses, quickly checked, and the knowledge gained should be used to build new theories.

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