How to determine your target audience?

There are many tools on the market that allow you to interact with the audience, but a significant amount of information that continually attacks the buyer develops his immunity. Before starting, you need to understand who your potential customer is. “Everyone” is not the answer. You'll never sell any advertising with this approach. What is ideal for a mother with a child is not suitable for a businessperson. But the businessman and mommy-baby can be in the same person.

The easiest and fastest way to analyze the site audience is to get answers to the questions that determine its main features. The number of questions depends on the subject of the project, as well as on the goals and objectives set for the company. For some companies, ten questions are enough; for others, 100 will not be enough.
Here are some of the main questions used in determining CA:
  • What is the age and gender of my potential clients?
  • From which city, region?
  • Who do they work, what positions do they occupy?
  • What income do you have?
  • What are their needs?
  • How will my product meet these needs?
  • What are their problems?
  • How will my product help them solve these problems?
  • What are their interests?
  • What do they love?
  • What places do they visit?
  • How often use the Internet?
  • What are web resources visited?
  • What queries entered into the search box?
And so on... The more of them, the more accurate the portrait will turn out.
Of course, you have to pay particular attention to the questions you ask. Incorrectly asked questions will entail incorrect answers that can confuse the marketer and force you to make the wrong decisions.

How to reach the buyer?
Offer him a solution to his problem in a convenient way for him. To identify the problem, critical to analyze the target audience. Analysis of the target audience can be done by yourself, without resorting to the services of specialized agencies. By examining the target audience, you can find new solutions and business opportunities.

What is the analysis of the target audience?


This division of the target audience into several separate segments, differing from each other in some signs.
For example, you are advertising a gym. Your potential customers are women and men. It would be logical to show them different advertisements since the leverage on each segment will be different. You can show all the same ads. For example, the motivation to have a good figure. She works with both women and men. And you can create separate ads for each of the segments. For example, women motivated by a flat tummy and men by an inflated press. Naturally, the effect of advertising in the second version will be much more significant.
Or let's have a look at flower boutique as an example. 
Дорогая, я здесь.png
We analyze not only our customers but also intended ones.
Who buys flowers (not only in your store).
As a result, we see that several segments have different interests, buying behavior and goals. Florist buys flowers for decoration of events, halls, etc. A student buys flowers for the girl and mother for a holiday. Schoolboy buys for mom and grandmother. They are all buyers of flowers.


Where to get information?

Communicate with your customers, ask friends, mates, colleagues, read forums.


Identify the problem

Based on the data, identify the problem.



How can we help John Smith? Here is an important step, because it contains interesting business ideas, new practical solutions.


Move away from those solutions that are common and find something new that will help solve the problem of the buyer.

How to reach the buyer

John Smith is not an advanced Internet user, and he rarely goes to the store; he comes home late.
How can we reach him?


With such a simple analysis, you can find solutions that will help increase sales.

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