Global forecast for advertising growth rates

Zenith agency revised the global forecast for advertising growth rates due to the dynamic development of the Internet segment in Russia, the USA and France. The cost of advertising in the domestic market in 2019 will grow by 8.2%, although Zenith had previously predicted a growth of 7.1%


Global advertising costs in 2019 will grow by 4.7% - to $ 623 billion. Previously, company experts expected the market growth by 4%, but revised the forecast due to higher than expected growth rates of Internet advertising, especially in Russia, USA, and France. In subsequent years, the dynamics will also be higher than stated in earlier reports. In 2020 and 2021 the global market will grow by 4.6% against 4.2% and 4.1%, respectively.


The fastest growing media in the world is still the Internet. In 2019, the segment will grow by 11%, until 2021, the average annual growth rate will be 10%. The company expects that by 2021, digital will account for 49% of global advertising spending.

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