What you have to do as a small business to earn profit via social networks, not likes?

Let's talk about how to approach the management of social networks if you have a small production or online store, agency, law firm, workshop, hairdresser, beauty salon or cafe.

It looks like their misfortune is poor-quality photos, unattractive content and the lack of investment in promotion. But what are the real problems?
  • No goal.
  • No content.
  • No system.

Let's see how to manage social networks so that they do not become a problem and bring benefits.

Understand if you need to invest in social networks.

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There are some businesses where SN could be almost useless. These are usually complex B2B products or goods and services enjoyed by residents within the area, and will most likely be searched in a search engine or on maps. In the case of small local services, it makes no sense to develop a profile, and then spend money on targeting. Better to spend money on the website and SEO to appear in the search or for example, print flyers and scatter them on mailboxes, make an ad in the elevator, make a bright sign, arrange a discovery, launch a referral program and "bring a friend." 

It is better to understand that the social network is not for you; otherwise, you will spend the money and receive only likes. 

If you still think that you need it, figure out why you need social networks and why consumers need you in social networks.

Answer yourself this questions:

-What do you want to get from social networks?

-What does the audience want to receive within the page, so that you get what you need from it?

Sales. Some of the consumers have enough photos to write to the manager, and some read the descriptions thoroughly. Try to please everyone.

Show that you are an expert in your niche and up to date. The audience loves to see posts where the company participates in conferences, exhibitions, fairs, read how a new trend is being implemented in real life.

Build trust. You have to stop questions, objections, and doubts. Do and add reviews, test drives, content from the scene, do not be afraid to talk about your customers' problems and show how you solved them.

Receive feedback. Who are your customers, how and what they live for, whether a new service is needed, whether a new collection is liked, how things are with the service outside the page and so on? Create posts for communication, ask open-ended questions that can not be answered with "yes/no", communicate in the comments.

The more questions remain unanswered, the less chance you have of getting a client.

Choose wisely where you want to be. 

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There are plenty of networks nowadays, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram etc. No sense to work on all of them. You can choose 1-2 social networks that fit your niche and which your audience prefers. How to do that? 

See where competitors are active. Make a list and go through their social networks, pay attention to the coverage of posts, the number of comments, likes. Install the SimilarWeb extension and go to competitors' websites; it will show the share of traffic from social networks, and also from which social networks the site gets the most conversions.

Explore how active your target audience is at different sites. Go through non-commercial thematic pages and compare activity. Usually, people are registered in all social networks, but preference is given to only one or two.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

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Remove customer objections in social networks before they appear. If you think more often about what your customers care about, you will not have problems while creating content. 

Communicate with your employees, ask about customers, their opinion about your business or some part of the process, this will give you new ideas. 

View the content of competitors, scoop interesting topics and open them more comprehensive.

A few more things you have to STOP doing

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Do not expect a miracle. Social networks can generate a stream of potential customers, but cannot guarantee sales.

Do not show off. There is no need to shoot videos, order creative photo shoots, try to find a special tone-of-voice in posts. All this is cool, but it takes a lot of time and money, which is an unaffordable luxury for a small business. Give people the details they need about the product, company, and terms of cooperation in a friendly language. 

Do not try to equal huge businesses. First, do not try to reproduce the reputational cases of any Megaphone or Reebok. They have other tasks, but they can also afford a mistake, hype, and trash, but you cannot.

Do not hide prices. Well, why is it possible to write prices on the website, but not in social networks? 

Important to remember!

  • Understand why you need to maintain social networks and what content you need to provide to turn users in customers.
  • Choose a couple of social networks to be present and do not try to conduct everything at once.
  • If you take a team leader or contact an agency, try to interact with them and ensure complete immersion in your business, product and your problems. We can help you talk about your business, but we can't do it for you.
  • First, adjust the service and quality within the company, and then go to the social network.
  • You should be interested in customers and sales, do not try to repeat cases of famous brands or invent an image strategy in several volumes.
  • Do not evaluate the effectiveness of social networks in likes and subscriptions, be guided by more valuable indicators. Use analytics. 

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