What is the hottest trend in marketing now?

It is using chatbots for marketing purposes. Big brands got bots 1-2 years ago. Do not want to stay overboard ㅡCreate a chatbot and be inspired by examples of famous brands.

You can create chatbot without a single line of code, but here I have to note that without special skills, it will only be possible to launch a simple chatbot. However, you can use special chat bot design programs. We made a list of most simple and user-friendly applications for you: 


Constructor to create a chatbot in Telegram. Conveniently, all the tips pop up right in the messenger, and you can do it in just 15 minutes. 

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Application to create a bot in Facebook Messenger with a clear and logical interface. Consists of various templates in which you need to insert the necessary questions and answers. You must be registered as a Facebook business page, on whose behalf the future chatbot will communicate with users.

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One of the first chatbot constructors. With Facebook and Telegram Support. A rather simple design. The basic functionality of the bot is free, and it allows you to add up to 500 thousand subscribers per month.

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Let's look at a couple of interesting examples of using chatbots.

1. Chatbot GoPro Guru

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The GoPro Guru chatbot in Facebook Messenger, which appeared in 2018, answers user questions makes recommendations for extreme travelers and helps to choose a good camera from the brand line. The peculiarity in the response format is that the bot attaches a beautiful gif or impressive video made with the GoPro camera to each recommendation.

2. National Geographic and Einstein chatbot


In 2017, National Geographic created a chatbot on Facebook to advertise the new show Genius. The show touched on the professional and personal life of Albert Einstein, so National Geographic decided to let the messenger users communicate with the “real” Einstein on any topic. A scientist could be asked about anything: about his attitude towards love or some law of physics. The point was that the bot gave both stupid and deeply filled answers. The audience had fun and at the same time had a chance to learn about the show. 

3.  Unilever, chatbots "tooth fairy."

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In October 2016, Unilever brand launched a chatbot on Facebook that told fairy tales about the importance of brushing your teeth on Facebook as part of the “Little Brush, Big Brush” campaign. Total bot knew 21 stories (in the format of a mini-cartoon) - it was assumed that parents and children would learn something new about the life of the characters every day for three weeks.


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