How to fight your fears?

Have you ever had a dream to meet someone, but you were afraid? Moreover, finally, the hour X comes: you take yourself in hand, squeeze the will into a fist, come up and get acquainted. A miracle happens - from the action that bogged you and the scarecrow, you got a vast internal discharge.A critical thesis: you need to go where it is scary. Fear is an energy potential. It activates you and reflects your hidden desires. Realizing fear, you turn it into a goal.

To win the primary battle with yourself is a challenging process, let's see what kind of fear usually exists in business:

Fear of customer call. No one will plant you and throw you into hell on a hot frying pan if it turns out that you do not have goods yet or you are just starting to work in your niche. "Drain" the first five customers, and you will become easier. You will overcome the fear of being imperfect. Clients are the same people as you. Treat them with understanding and do not lie.

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Fear of hiring. Hiring professionals is an important step to scale your business and directly increase your results. Start an interview, listen to people with broader resolution in your niche. You grow!

Fear of meeting suppliers. Come to the suppliers with ready-made orders, ask them questions and show yourself as the most interested person in increasing your profit and supplier profits. With this approach, you open the door to many rooms, of which you sometimes even feel uncomfortable.

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Fear of the state. It is convenient to argue: "In our country, it is difficult to develop a business." This is not true. The strategy of the state concerning entrepreneurship is very loyal. Low taxes and government programs show interest and support in your endeavors.

Fear of losing environment. When you embark on the path of business - there is a change in thinking, the substitution of values and the craving for another set. It is entirely clear that you cannot live as before. You can’t make someone else better, change yourself – show it by example.

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Fear of success. What to do next when all basic needs are closed? What you did when you had no money, but the main thing was to get high from the moment here and now? If you do not know what you would like to be a master in, intuitively choose a niche, understand it, gain in-depth knowledge and monetize them. Love to work will arise in this case.

Fear is not at all in danger, it is in ourselves. Write us, what are you afraid of? The recognition of fear is the first step!


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